by Robert Walker

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If You Know, Then Say So (9 of 10)
Great Faith Series
Robert Walker
John 1:29-42

Dr. Plummer says, "In church history Peter is everything, and Andrew is nothing, but would there have been an apostle Peter but for Andrew." Andrew is mentioned only a few times on the sacred pages of the New Testament but in each reference we see him introducing others to the Lord Jesus.

First, he had the supreme of introducing his brother Peter to the Lord. Then we find him introducing the lad with the five loaves and two fishes. It was Andrew who introduced the Greeks to the Lord. There is no more important work in the world that pointing other people to the Saviour.

He was not nearly as outgoing, flamboyant and impetuous as Peter. But Andrew had become a disciple of John the Baptist and with John's encouragement Andrew and John followed after the Lord Jesus and discovered to hearts great joy that the Messiah had indeed come.

And one of the great burdens that Andrew had was that he might take his brother and bring his brother to Christ. Andrew had been called to this task by the Lord Himself, as we learn from Matthew 4:18-20, but you and I have been called to the same task.

We are to be constantly engaged in the same glorious and heavenly calling.


Some time ago a business man was walking by the door of a restaurant. A poor boy with his nose against the pane was looking inside. "

Are you hungry?" asked the man. The boy replied, "Sure am Mister." Taking the boy inside the man ordered a lavish meal for him but the boy kept looking outside showing no interest in the delicious food. The man tapped him on the shoulder,

"Why don't you eat, you said you were hungry?" The boy answered, "Do you see that boy, looking in through the window that's my little brother. How can I eat with him standing there looking at me like that?"

The man brought the younger boy in and what a feast they had. Have you family still outside of Christ? Have you give ...

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