by Robert Walker

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The Thankful Leper (7 of 10)
Series: Great Faith
Robert Walker
Luke 17:11-19

In his book, ''In The Eye Of The Storm'' author Max Lucado describes the following scene..

An old man walks down a Florida beach. The sun sets like an orange ball on the horizon. The waves slap the sand. The smell of salt water stings the air. The beach is vacant. No sun to entice the sunbathers. Not enough light for the fisherman. So, aside from a few joggers and strollers, this gentleman is alone.

He carries a bucket in his bony hand. A bucket of shrimp. It's not for him. It's not for the fish. It's for the sea gulls.

He walks to an isolated pier cast in gold by the setting sun. He steps to the end of the pier. The time has come for the weekly ritual.

He stands and waits.

Soon the sky becomes a mass of dancing dots. The evening silence gives way to the screeching of birds. They fill the sky and then cover the moorings. They are on a pilgrimage to meet the old man.

For a half hour or so, the bushy- browed, shoulder-bent gentleman will stand on the pier, surrounded by the birds of the sea, until the bucket is empty.

But even after the food is gone, his feathered friends still linger. They linger as if they're attracted to more than just food. They perch on his hat. They walk on the pier. And they all share a moment together.

Can you see the scene?

His name was Eddie Rickenbacker. And every Friday night until his death in 1973, he would walk with a large bucket of shrimp, slightly stooped over to an old broken down pier on the eastern seacoast of Florida...

Something happened in October 1942 - that prompted this man for the next 30 years to make this trip to fed seagulls...every Friday night (1500+ Fridays in a row)

You see, back in 1942, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker was sent on a mission to deliver a message to General Douglas MacArthur. With a handpicked crew in a B-17 known as the ''Flying Fortress,'' he set off across the South Pacific. Somewhere th ...

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