by Robert Walker

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The Healing Touch (6 of 10)
Series: Great Faith
Robert Walker
Mark 5:24-34

Kangaroo Care is defined as holding your infant with skin to skin contact. According to a new study published in Pediatrics, low birth weight babies benefit from skin to skin contact. Compared to infants in incubators, newborns in ''kangaroo mother care'' had less severe infections, spent fewer days in the hospital, and had better head circumferences (a sign of better growth rate).

The system, which involves placing a diaper-clad preemie upright on his mom's bare chest-tummy to tummy, in between her breasts, inside her clothing; her body warmth helps stabilize the baby's temperature and also allows for easier breastfeeding, was started in Columbia.

The system is now being implemented and tested in neonatal clinics in the US, Canada, and Europe. Another favorable finding was that the benefits also extend to adults with moms feeling more empowered by their hands on responsibility.

Sometimes a mere human touch can make the difference between living or dying and hope and despair. There has always been a crowd around the Lord Jesus Christ touching Him in different ways there have always been those who touched him out of curiosity.

In his day there were plenty who jostle up against him and in that jostling up against him they were move by a feeling of curiosity about this wondering working man from Nazareth.

And there were those who touched him inadvertly. They did not intend to touch him they just simply find themselves brushing up against him in some circumstances.

But those kinds of touches does not release His whole making and rescuing energy to those who touch him out of curiosity and inadvertly

We read a moment ago of another kind of touch. A lady suffering for 12 years with a malady with a disease with a difficulty with a sickness who lunged toward him in hopelessness saying to herself if I can but touch his garment I will be made whole.

That is an altoget ...

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