by Rex Yancey

The Church at Antioch
Rex Yancey
Acts 11:19-30

We as Christians have a great line of ancestor churches. One of the finest churches in the New Testament was this church at Antioch. She has much to offer us in the way of example and inspiration.

As we come to the 11 chapter of Acts, the gospel has just overcome one of its greatest barricades to its progress. The gospel has been preached to the Gentiles on a mass basis. We can see the progress of this racial barrier as it is broken down.

In Jerusalem, the gospel was preached to the Jews only. In Samaria, Phillip preached to the Samaritans, or Jewish misfits. This was an opener. In Acts 10, Peter preached to an individual family of prominent Gentiles, Cornelius and his family. In Acts 11, there is a church made up primarily of Gentiles.

Today I want us to compare ourselves with this church at Antioch. We are not to compare ourselves with other sister Southern Baptist Churches, or those of any other denomination. Our guidelines for a church are found in the Bible, especially the New Testament. What was so good about the church at Antioch?

11:20 says "He spake unto Grecians." This was the first Gentile church. What did this mean?
1.It was a church not bound by tradition. The famous last words uttered by many churches are "We never did it that way before." The message of our church never changes but the methods have to change to reach a contemporary culture.

This is one of the things Rick Warren says about his purpose driven emphasis. He does not change the message; however, the method has to change to reach the MTV generation.

We went through an era where churches had bus ministries for children and youth. Many of these kids were reached because of a new ministry. That may not work today. However, something else might.

Antioch knew she might be misunderstood, but so was her Lord. If I please God it doesn't matter whom I displease. Howe ...

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