by Stan Coffey

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When Marriage Doesn't Last – Is There Life After Divorce? (7 of 7)
Series: How to Build a Marriage that Lasts
Stan Coffey
Psalm 27:9-10

Our passage of Scripture is Psalm 27:9-10. We are speaking today on this subject "When Marriage Doesn't Last Is There Life After Divorce?" We would wish and pray that every marriage would last and that every marriage would make it through the storms, that every marriage could be one man one woman for life because that is God's idea and God's plan. And that is what we hold up as the example, as the goal that God would have us to work toward. But what happens when marriages don't last.

Now today I want to address this subject with the compassion, the love of Jesus Christ. And I want to say at the very outset that there is healing for those who have been divorced, when marriage doesn't last, when marriage is broken. There is hope in Christ. There is a new purpose. There is new meaning.

Those who have not gone through divorce and those who have not dealt with it in your family, maybe you have not dealt with it as a counselor, you need to realize that next to death, nothing can happen in the life of a person that is more devastating, that is more painful, that is more distressing than to go through a marriage that breaks up.

Probably those here this morning who have been divorced, who have gone through the struggles, the pain, and the heartaches of a divorce would say more than anybody else that if you are married do everything you can. Go to counseling, be in church, and go into the Word of God. Work out your problems. Do everything you can to keep your marriage together. I believe that those who have gone through divorce would say at all possible cost, avoid break up of your home, and avoid the break up of your family.

We need to understand as we address the question is there life after divorce, what divorce really is. You know when God made man; He gave him two wonderful gifts. Number one, He g ...

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