by Stan Coffey

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The Strong Willed Child and Hurting Parents (6 of 7)
Series: How to Build a Marriage that Lasts
Stan Coffey
Luke 15:11-24

If you will notice our topic for today is "The Strong Willed Child and Hurting Parents". It is from Luke 15. We have been talking about "How to Build a Marriage That Lasts". And today we are going to look at one of the things that sometimes is difficult to explain and yet it is a reality of life. That sometimes when you have taught your children how to live, you have given them the principles of the Word of God, you have reared them in church, you have done everything that you know to do as a parent and then that child grows through a period of rebellion and goes completely against all the principles and all the things that you taught them. And you wonder why.

That happens so many times and I see so many parents who are laboring under guilt or laboring under burden because of the hurt they feel in their heart, the disappointment when their child goes against those things that they taught them from the Word of God and that they have lived before them.

And today as we look at the most famous parable of all of Jesus' parables, the parable of the Prodigal Son, we see not only a picture of the loving heart of God but we also see in this parable a pattern for parenting. Because the father in this story who has two sons is God. And we see how the father reacted to the son who rebelled against him and how he dealt with that rebellion and we see the result of it in this story.

One of the greatest hurts that can come can come to parents. And I wouldn't claim to be an authority on parenting. In fact I am sort of like Charlie Shed who is a Christian speaker, lecturer, and author. And he was giving some lectures on parenting when he was single, before he even got married. And he gave lectures and he entitled the lecture "How to Raise Your Children for the Lord". Then he said he got married and had his first child and he change ...

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