by Steve Wagers

A Woman Who Couldn't Keep It to Herself!
Steve Wagers
John 4:1-42
March 23, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. The Woman's Divine Appointment!
a. The Path that was Chosen
b. The Plan that was Completed
2. The Woman's Distinct Adjustment!
a. Her Confrontation with Jesus
b. Her Confession to Jesus
3. The Woman's Dynamic Announcement!
a. A Persuasive Testimony
b. A Personal Testimony

• One of the newest and latest advances in technology is what is known as a "Linguistic Phenomena Device." This device is known for its ability to record, re-create and replay words that have been spoken. Scientists have recently documented that once vowel/consonant sounds are spoken they are embedded in the atmosphere. For example, someone speaking in a room speaks words that are forever embedded into the walls, furniture and structure of the room.

• The "Linguistic Phenomena Device" has the ability to extract these words from walls, furniture and anything else present when words were spoken. The inventors of the device estimate that many of the rooms in our homes, offices and schools are filled with words dating back thousands of years.

• It would be interesting to discover some of the words we have spoken in these particular rooms. Think about it. We place a "Linguistic Phenomena Device" into your living room, den, kitchen or bedroom and begin to extract from the walls and furniture every word that you or someone else has spoken, in that room, for the past hundred years. What would we hear? What words would be played back to us?

• One of the most amazing aspects of the human race is that we are people of conversation. We were created to speak, share and converse with other people. As a result, we talk about a variety of things; i.e. sports, hobbies, families, vacations, favorite restaurants; however, I wonder how many of our retracted words would speak of spiritual things?

• To be more specific, consider the moments preceding, or following a church serv ...

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