by Stan Coffey

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Memorial Service for a Faithful Friend
Stan Coffey

We never know what the next turn of the corner will bring us in life. And it is not really strange or unique because very often things happen in the lives of our families and in the lives of our friends that take them from us that we never expected. And God in His wisdom doesn't let us see the beginning to the end. And yet we know God is in control. We know the Lord is upon His throne. And we know that God somehow is in charge.

And yet the question comes to us, why at this time, why in this particular way? Why did God choose to take this man? And I think only the Lord has the answer to that without a doubt. It is normal to ask why. All of God's servants through the ages, asked why. When Job lost all of his possessions, when he lost his friends, his family, when he lost everything, and even his wife turned against him, he wondered why. And the Bible says that for a long time, he sat in darkness. David no doubt wondered why when he was pursued by King Saul and he wrote those Psalms that plead for the Lord to have mercy upon him as his enemies pursued him. He wondered why.

And that question has been in the heart of every human being since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. And today there are many things that we do not know. There are many things of which we are uncertain in the purposes and the plans of God. The poet said God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. He plants His footprint on the sea and He rides upon the storm, but deep and unfathomable minds of never dying skill. He treasures out His bright design and works His sovereign will. You trembling saints fresh courage take. The clouds you so much dread are filled with blessing and will break with mercy on your head. Judge not the Lord with feeble sense but trust Him for His grace. Behind the mask of providence God wears a smiling face.

And I want to suggest to you that in the circumstances of life and the c ...

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