by James Merritt

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Jesus: The Promise Received
James Merritt
Luke 2:10-14


1. Jessica was four years old and she had had a perfect Christmas. She got all the presents she wanted. Her cousins were with her to share the holidays. She had eaten her favorite food all day long and as her mother tucked her in for bed she looked up at her at smiled and said, "Mom, I sure hope Mary and Joseph have another baby next year."

2. After Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph did go on to have several other babies. However, theThe first baby born to Marythey ever had was not one that they had. It was one that Mary had by God.

3. Tonight, we are going to hear about the star of the show. We are going to hear about the main attraction, although. Although, you would never know from the culture that we live in today that Jesus is the "star" of Christmas.

4. According to a National Religious Broadcaster's analysis of 48,000 hours of programming, during December 2002,
? Ninety percent of the Christmas programming did not have any spiritual theme
? Seven percent had a religious or spiritual theme, but never referred to Jesus
? Jesus was the focus of only three percent of Christmas programming

5. The reason that is so amazing is because as we have learned over the last two weeks, Christmas is all about The Promise. We discovered that all the way back in the Garden of Eden, at the very beginning of the Bible, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and fell into sin that fellowship was replaced by fear. Sin became the human race's biggest problem and a Savior became the human race's only solution.

6. For the problem of sin, God made a promise that He would send a Savior. From the time He made that promise, the number one item on His to do list, His main concern, His number one agenda was to keep that promise. In Joseph, we saw The Promise – believed. In Mary, we saw The Promise – conceived. Tonight, in Jesus we will see The Promise – received.

7. Do you rem ...

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