by Jeff Ginn

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Truths about Time (2 of 7)
Series: The Big Picture
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

a. Last week was a busy week at the Ginn house. Up early. Walk the dog. Rouse the children. Get ready. Meals prepared. One pair of our kids off to Middle School, the third off to Tussing Elementary. My wife worked and I did as well. Phone calls. Correspondence. Sermon Preparation. A trip out of town to preach. Two soccer practices. Shopping for groceries. A dental appointment. Our daughter babysat for another family. Exercise at the health club. Shower up and hit the hay. It was a busy week last Thursday at the Ginn house. That's right. What I described is what we did on Thursday!
b. Does time ever seem in short supply at your house?
c. USA Today poll asked a group of mothers what they needed most. The most popular responses and percentage of mothers who gave them were:
More time in the day: 32 percent
Patience: 27 percent
Respect: 15 percent
Money: 15 percent. (Citation: USA Today (6-5-00), 1D, adapted from study by Bruskin/Goldring for Whirlpool Corp).
d. Does God have anything to say about time? What's the truth about time? Well, He has a lot to say about time and it's all true! Turn, please, in your Bible to Ecclesiastes 3:1. This may be the most famous literary piece on time ever written. In it there are 31 references to time!
a. The first truth is one that you may not like; but here it is: There is sufficient time for the essentials of life!
b. Excuses are eliminated
i. Do you ever say, "I don't have time." Don't say that. Be honest. You are not willing to spend your time on that purpose.
ii. I would come to worship, but I don't have time.
iii. I would sing in the choir, but I don't have time.
iv. I would spend more time with my wife/children, but I don't have time.
c. Priorities are paramount.
i. Intro.: A couple was going on vacation. While standing in line wa ...

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