by Stan Coffey

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The Faithfulness of the Church (4 of 8)
Series: Back to the Basics
Stan Coffey
Luke 14:25-33

George Beverly Shea, as a young man, was offered the opportunity to be an opera singer. He was offered wealth and fame. And he was considering his options. He also felt the call of God on his life to the gospel ministry. And as he weighed his options he visited with his mother about it. He prayed about it. And he sat down at the piano and he wrote those words that now are immortal words. And almost every Christian in the world has heard those words – “I Would Rather Have Jesus Than Anything This World Affords Today”. And of course, the name of George Beverly Shea, the beloved singer with the Billy Graham team is known around the world today. But he didn’t know that he would be known around the world when he made that commitment to Jesus Christ.

Now today, you will notice we are talking about “The Faithfulness Of The Church”. We are talking about discipleship. Discipleship has to do with the faithfulness to follow Christ. So as we look at this passage, Luke 14:25-33 Jesus repeats what He said in Matthew and what He said in Mark. They also indicate the same truth in John 4. We are going to see that over and over again Jesus teaches a principle.

This principle is foreign to many of the modern Christians today. You don’t hear this being preached much in the church today. You hear a lot in the church today about what Jesus will do for you if you come to Him. The church of today has a consumer mentality. And the church member today is interested in what is in it for me. They want to know what Jesus will do for me if I come to Him. What can Jesus do for me financially? What can Jesus do for me socially? What can Jesus do for my business? What can Jesus do for my health? What can Jesus do for my home?

So today if you study a lot of the church growth manuals and go to church growth conferences you are told that you need to tell the people wh ...

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