by Stan Coffey

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The Fellowship of the Church (3 of 8)
Series: Back to the Basics
Stan Coffey
Acts 2:42

This morning we are talking about "Back to the Basics". And we are talking about the five purposes of our lives. Why God put us on this earth. He put us on this earth for five purposes. And we talked about two of those purposes but one of those purposes was that God put us on this earth to be a part of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. He put us on this earth for worship, for fellowship, for ministry, for evangelism, and He put us on this earth to be a part of the five purposes of the church which also are the five purposes of our individual lives as believers. Because God saved us for a purpose and each of us has a purpose to glorify God in each of these five ways.

Now today God has saved us for the purpose of fellowship, fellowship with God and fellowship with one another. God as you know created Adam. And Adam had fellowship with God. God created Adam because God wanted someone like Himself. So He made Adam in His own image. God wanted someone that He could relate to, someone He could love, someone in His own likeness, someone He could be a friend with, someone He could walk with and talk with. So God made Adam. And then Adam was lonely so God made Eve with whom he could have fellowship with and be one with.

Later on God created another special thing where there could be fellowship with God and fellowship with man and that thing was the church. And we talked two weeks ago about the founder of the church, Jesus Christ and then last week we talked about the foundation of the church, the Word of God which is the apostles and the prophets' teachings that make up the Word of God. The Scripture says the church is built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets through whom the Holy Spirit gave the Word.

Now today we are going to talk about "The Fellowship of the Church". Now fellowship is more than coffee and cookies and kool-aid and punc ...

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