by Steve Wagers

There's No Business Like Soul-Business!
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Luke 5:1-11
March 9, 2005

o A college student had slacked off, partied and was unprepared to take his final exam. He had his mind of Christmas and the holidays, and he wrote on the test:
"Only God knows the answers to these questions. Merry Christmas!"

o After the break, he got his test back. It read:
"God gets a 100. You get a 0. Happy New Year!"

o When it comes to the matter of "soul-business," I believe that many times we receive a "0" grade. We have majored on the minors, when we should make the main thing the main thing.

o In Luke 5, Jesus shows up at the lake of Genessaret. Some of His greatest miracles were performed at a lake. It was at a lake that he calmed the storm, caused pigs to drown, taught/healed many, and fished money. However, now he calls these "businessmen" to the most important business of all, soul-business.


o Steve Jobs, of Apple Computers, went public in 1983, and looked for the right person to take Apple to the next level. John Sculley, CEO of Pepsi was called in and interviewed for the job, but he declined. At the end of the interview, Steve Jobs asked John Sculley, "Do you want to sell sugar water the rest of your life; or, do you want an opportunity to change the world?"

o These men were presented with a great opportunity. Yet, instead of capitalizing, they were "washing their nets." (v. 2)

o Yet, it scares me to think of how many times we have wasted precious opportunities that confront us everyday. We are so easily discouraged, disillusioned and distracted that we miss out on many of the great opportunities which God affords us.


o These were a group of professional fishermen who, no doubt, had the latest technology in angler equipment. Yet, they had fished all night and caught nothing. Again, they were professionals, and what would Jesus, a carpenters son know about fishing ...

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