by Steve Wagers

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CHILDREN: The Hope of the Home! (4 of 4)
Series: Homeland Security
Pastor Steve N. Wagers
Ephesians 6:1-3
March 20, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. A Great Responsibility!
A. A Guide to Stimulate their Behavior!
B. A Goal to Motivate their Behavior!
2. A Godly Requirement!
A. The Priority of Respect!
B. The Purpose for Respect!
3. A Glorious Reward!
A. The Quality of Life they can Experience!
B. The Quantity of Life they can Expect!

o A 40-year old eligible bachelor left his hometown to seek his fortune. Several months later he returned home to share some exciting news with his father. He exclaimed, "Pop, I just got married." His father said, "That's good." The son said, "But, she sure is ugly." The father said, "Well, that's bad." The son said, "But, she sure is rich." The father said, "Well, that's good." The son said, "But, she sure is stingy." The father said, "Well, that's bad."

o The son said, "But, she did build a brand new house for me." The father said, "Well, that's good." The son said, "But, the house just burned down." The father said, "Well, that's bad." The son said, "No, that's good, because she was in it."

o I believe it safe to say that, in these days, when it comes to parenting/child-rearing it can be both good and bad. These are, quite possibly, the most difficult days in history when it comes to raising children. No doubt many can understand the lady who drug her 5 children onto a bus. She was asked by the bus-driver, "Are those all yours, or is this a picnic." She said, "They're all mine, and it ain't no picnic."

o Or perhaps you can relate to the mother who was asked about her wild child who had just entered first grade, "Did Johnny cry when he went to school this morning." The mother said, "No, but his teacher did." Parenting "ain't no picnic," and it can, if we're not careful, drive every parent to tears. Is there any kind of instruction manual for parents and children?

o Yes, there is, a ...

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