by Ernest Easley

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Winning Investments
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Matthew 6:19-21
January 9, 2005

I read recently about a pastor who was preaching to his congregation about their need to move forward and to do great things for God. He said, "Children, if we are going to start moving forward as church, we've got to walk." A deacon sitting in the front row said, "That's right preacher, let the church walk."
Then the preacher said, "And after we walk, we're going to have to run." The deacon again spoke up saying, "Yea, preacher, let it run." The Preacher then said, "And after we run, it's time we fly." The deacon, stirred with emotion shouted, "Let it fly preacher, let it fly." The pastor then said, "Well, if the church is going to fly, we need to take up an offering." The deacon then shouted, "Let it walk, preacher, let it walk." Well ... if Roswell Street Baptist Church is ever going to fly and become maximized for the Kingdom of God ... we need to understand GOD'S WAY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM!
God wants you to experience financial freedom. He really does! "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." Yes .. God wants you to experience financial freedom. But not everybody wants to see that happen in your life.
You see .. just as God wants you to experience financial freedom ... the Devil wants you to experience financial bondage. For if he can keep you in financial bondage .. he can cause you to live in defeat and prevent you from investing into the Kingdom of God.
I'm afraid if the truth be known ... the majority of church going Christians are living in financial bondage rather than financial freedom. No wonder God has so much to say to us about our finances. In fact .. of the 38 parables that Jesus taught, 16 of them are about money! God says more to us on the subject of money than on the subject of prayer! You see .. money matters to God, for He has it. Psm 24.1, "The earth is the LORD', and all its f ...

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