by Ernest Easley

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Building Security in the Hearts of our Wives
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Genesis 2.24
February 13, 2005

We are beginning this morning in Genesis 2 thinking under the heading: FAMILY MATTERS. You need to know something about the Bible: it is a book of principles that speaks to every issue of life. It speaks to our emotional needs .. our spiritual needs … our physical needs.
The answer to your emotional needs are found in the Word of God. The answer to your spiritual needs is found in the Word of God. The answer to your physical needs is found here in the Word of God. Last month we learned about Financial Freedom. This month we’re learning about Marriage for Family Matters!
In fact .. not only are we learning about marriage on these Sunday mornings .. but during the weekend of February 25-26th .. we’re offering a marriage tune-up here at RSBC. J.B. and Shuggie Collinsworth will be leading this weekend tune-up. The theme for the weekend: Our Marriage Matters to Me.” You can find more details at one of the Information Stations.
You say, “Pastor, I’m a Single Adult. Is there anything here for me this morning?” Absolutely yes! The Holy Spirit can even take a message on marriage and speak to the heart of a single adult. Every time God’s Word is opened .. a hungry heart can be satisfied!
Ruth Graham, wife of Dr. Billy Graham said that “Happy marriages are never accidental. They are the result of good hard work.” And what makes a happy marriage such hard work is that men and women are so different. We don’t think alike!
Perhaps you’ve heard about that boy and girl who were sitting on the front porch of the old country home. Down in the valley was the country church and they were having choir practice. The music of the choir was making its way over the valley to where this young couple was sitting on the front porch in a swing.
Underneath the porch were some crickets chirping. She had on her mind the choir singing as sh ...

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