by Ernest Easley

The Curse of Compromise
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Exodus 8-10
February 27, 2005

Now before we open God's word ... would you pray with me? [heads bowed] Now if you are hungry to hear from God today .. if you need a fresh touch from God ... would you pray this prayer with me out loud: "Dear Lord .. I acknowledge Your presence today ... I am open to what You have to say to me ... I will be obedient to Your Word .. in Jesus name ... Amen."
Now join me in the OT book of Exodus. You will recall that God called the Jews out of the land of Egypt and into the Promised Land. It was a literal event .. yet .. it has a symbolic message. For instance: "Egypt" represents the land of bondage and sin. "Pharaoh" is a picture of Satan. The "Israelites" coming out of Egypt represents us .. or when we are born again .. when we chose to invite Jesus Christ into our life .. we come "out of" bondage and "into" freedom. We come "out of" darkness and "into" light.
Now don't misunderstand me this morning. The exodus account is actual fact. It really happened and it happened just like the Bible says it happened. One day a little boy came home from Sunday School and his mother asked what he learned that day. He said, "Well Mother, they told us the story of how the Children of Israel left Egypt and went into the Promised Land." She said, "Well, tell it me." He said, "O.K. That night .. Moses got on the radio and told all the people in Egypt that the Israelites were going to come out that night at a certain time. When Moses gave the signal by shooting flares up into the sky that all of the Israelites would begin leaving in armored cars. Protected by airplanes above .. they made their way across the desert. When they arrived at the Red Sea .. they built a pontoon bridge and when they all got across it ... Moses blew up the bridge and Pharaoh and his troops and tanks all died."
The Mother shaking her head said, "Son, did your teacher really tell you all of that?" He sa ...

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