by Rex Yancey

The Saddest Story in the Bible
Rex Yancey
Matthew 19:16-26

A number of years ago I met one of my clasmates that I had not seen in years. He knew that I had become a preacher after high school and he opened up to share the following story. He and his high school sweetheart got married and had children. After a few years they divorced and married other people. They had children in those marraiges also. Eventually, they divorced again and remarried each other. He said, "Rex, you cannot believe how I have messed my life up these past twelve years!" It was indeed a sad story.

We have a sad story in our text today. It is a story that had a tragic ending. It could have been a story that had a triumphant ending. But the choice the young man made determined his destiny.

I heard a story about a little boy who was in the process of cutting a dog's tail off a little bit at a time. A man walking nearby heard the commotion and walked over for a look. He said, "Son, what are you doing?" He said, "I am cutting this dog's tail off." He said, "Why don't you cut it all off at once?" The lad said, "Mister, it is all he can do to stand a little bit at a time!" That's another sad story!

Someone has said, "A survey of the world leaves one with the uncomfortable feeling that in spite of the efforts of many well-intentioned men in every country, civilization is sliding downhill."
However, there is hope for facing this world, and that hope is in the Christian message.

Today I want us to look at a young man that had all the credentials necessary for success and happiness according to the standards of the world, but he was not ready to face his world.

Here was a man who had everything the world suggests for happiness, yet he was not happy. There was no sky in his life.

I don't know how old one has to be to know better than to be a youth chaperone on a long trip. When one gets that old, he will know about it. It hap ...

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