by Robert Walker

A Dangerous Decision
Robert Walker
Genesis 13:9-11

One of my favorite stories comes out of World War II. It is the story of the Nazi Army Blitz when they were bombing London. On the first day of the Blitz killed 430 citizens and 1,600 were severely injured. The German bombers returned the next day and a further 412 died.

And there was a little woman that lived in a London apartment building. And she wouldn't leave. The bombs were falling all around and they came very near to where she was. People were leaving but she would not.

Her son had tried to get her to move to the country where he lived but she said I reared my children in this flat and I have lived in this flat for over thirty years.

I buried my husband while we live in this flat and I am not going to leave it now or ever. She use to tell her son you see that Plaque on the wall it says don't worry it may never happen.

And I am just depending on that plaque. Then the day came when two rockets came and hit the building where she lived. The building was almost demolished. Half of her apartment was blown away. Her son heard about it and rushed in from the country. Made his way through the traffic and got up to the flat where his mother lived and there she sat in her apartment with half of it gone.

He said mother have you learned your lesson? Won't you now come and move to the country and live with me? He said look at your plaque it didn't work! She said on my goodness I forgot to change it. She rushed over to the wall and turn it over and on the other side it said don't worry you can take it.

You see a long time ago she had made a decision to serve God and put her faith in God. And this decision work even while the Nazi's had destroyed everything she had. Well lets look at a character who made a decision but it will go down as a bad decision for all of eternity.

I love to preach sermons on Bible characters for they are so interesting. God has given to us a record of the character ...

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