by Robert Walker

The Last Days Lifestyle – What Is It?
Robert Walker
I Thessalonians 1:9-10

A fierce battle was raging during the Civil War in the 1860s. General Sherman was leading the northern troops on a path from Chattanooga to Atlanta and on to the ocean. He was burning everything in his path.

In time, he was involved in a strategic battle at Fort Altoona. The confederates, under the leadership of Captain Hood, knew the North would receive new supplies at Fort Altoona in order to continue their march past Atlanta and on to the ocean.

So the confederates attacked Fort Altoona. As the battle raged, General Sherman was on a nearby mountain with field glasses watching the scene. A message from inside the fort was received that more men and supplies were desperately needed. These were supplied and the battle for Fort Altoona continued.

As the battle raged, the captain inside the fort received a message from a reflective mirror on top of the mountain. General Sherman was saying, "Hold the fort, for I am coming."

Christianity is combat. We are in serious confrontation for the souls of men. And, a message from the Captain of our Salvation says, "I am coming soon." If we're going to be ready when He comes again we've got to be saved, sure, serving, steadfast, soul winning and separated!

The first chapter of Paul's Letters to the Thessalonians has always been in inspiration to earnest Christian preachers as they have studied the kind of Christians who met together in that early assembly of believers.

Yet, this chapter that speaks of the glow in the lives of these early Christians is a rebuke to every cold-hearted and carnal church. Thousands of sermons from the first chapter have warmed the hearts of the saints of God down through the ages.

Paul, in these verses, speaks in glowing terms about their Christian life and conduct. Their spiritual aggressiveness and their clear-cut separation from the world of idolatry had stamped itself indelibly upon his hea ...

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