by Robert Walker

Hidden in the Heart
Robert Walker
Psalm 119:1-16

The subject that predominates the longest psalm in the Psalter is the writer's reference to the Word of God.

In these verses there are six synonyms used for the Word of God: God's ''testimonies''- (v2), ''precepts''- (v4), ''statutes''- (v 5), ''commandments'' - (v 6) and ''judgments'' (v 7). All of these are gathered up in the key-verse of this study- Psalm 119 verse 11.

And it would seem from these words that David had an overwhelming desire and longing to please God. He had a consuming passion to be holy, to be delivered from sin in every shape and form and to live a God-glorifying, sanctified life; and sure this is the right desire for every born again child of God.

Do we long to please God, to live a life that is Christ-like and glorifying to Him? How can we do this? Let us consider these three simple points:-


The best of books is described here as ''Thy word''. The Word of God is man's best partner and he dare not to be alone. There are many wonderful books in the world, but the Bible is supreme, it is unique, for it is quite different from every other book, and as one has said, it is ''worth more than all others put together.

Someone has well said, ''The Bible is a book in comparison with which all others are of minor importance.'' What is there about the Bible that makes it so different from other books? Why is it the best of Books?

1. The Source

It is the best book because of its source. The Bible is the best of books because of its origin. Where does it come from? It comes from God Himself; as the psalmist tells us- ''Thy word...'' These two words indicate the Divine origin of the book. God is the Author of the bible.

Dr. Robert D. Wilson, the great Old Testament Scholar, one time Professor at Princeton and Westminster Seminary knew 47 languages and dialects and in consultation used an average of 21 languages each day.

He said that ''No man is intel ...

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