by Robert Walker

Looking for that Blessed Hope
Robert Walker
Titus 2:11-13

John was a poor servant-boy to a rich doctor in London, England. John's master loved the Lord Jesus and often had church meetings in the large living room of his home. At one of these meetings the doctor talked about the coming again of the Lord Jesus to take to Heaven all those who believe in Him.

Everyone else, he said, would be left behind. After the meeting was over, the doctor said, "Well, John, I just want to tell you that if Jesus comes before I die, I shall no longer want the things I have now. He will take me away with Him and then you may have my house and all my money." Such an offer took John by surprise. He could only stammer his thanks.

That night he lay awake wondering why his master had offered him all that wealth. Suddenly he thought, "Why should I want a house and furniture, a car, horses, and money after the Lord comes? How terrible it would be to be left behind, even if all my master's belongings were mine!"

Soon he could bear the thought no longer. He slipped out of bed, ran quickly down the hall to the room where his master slept and knocked on the door. "Why, John," asked the doctor, "what's the matter? What do you want?" "Please sir," answered John, "I don't want your house after the Lord comes, or your car, or horses, or money." "Well, John, what do you want?" "Oh sir, I want to be ready when the Lord comes, to go with Him to Heaven." Right there in the doctor's bedroom John put his trust in the Lord Jesus. Right there John was saved.

Right there John was ready for the Lord's coming.

The Hope is Imminent, Personal, Thrilling and Exciting Blessed Hope - Joyful and confident expectation that is based on the promise of God Himself.

I would like to center our attention on verse thirteen really three words in that verse that will speak a great message to us.

The three words are looking, blessed and hope. I would like to take those three words and turn them ...

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