by Rex Yancey

The Gate to Glory
Rex Yancey
Luke 13:24-30

The Lord Jesus was asked the question "Are there few to be saved?" That is a question that many are asking today. We are finding out in our day of technological advances that some men are not what they claim to be.

I supported Richard Nixon until the end. I did not think anyone could exercise such poor judgment. However, I found out that he was guilty because of those famous tapes that were exposed.

If you asked people this question today "Are you saved?" They would give you some kind of answer. I think I am. I hope I am. I am trying to be. I belong to the church. I have been baptized. On and on we could go with the fancies of men about entering heaven'e glory. However, you will not enter the portals of glory on the aspirations of men. Paul said, "Let God be true and every man a liar." What man says is hazy, transitory, unpredictable, and nebolous. But what God says is true, eternal, and trustworthy. Therefore for the matter of salvation, let's go to God and receive the whole truth of the matter.

I want us to see four things from this text.


Notice the spelling of this word. It is not speaking of a straight path. Many people believe that if you want to go to heaven you have to turn right and go straight. This word is spelled S T R A I T not S T R A I G H T. It is speaking of a narrow path.

The strait of Gibralter is a narrow body of water that separates Spain and Moracco. We are familiar with this term geographically and geologically. But today I want us to get familiar with this term spiritually.

The word "Strive" is used here to mean, "Make an endeavor." Some people are not concerned enough with their spiritual destiny to make an endeavor to be saved. Many years ago I witnessed to a self proclaimed hard shell Baptist. As I was leading him down the Roman Road he said, "I don't have to do anything, preacher. If I was born to be saved I will be and if ...

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