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Don't Strike the Rock! (6 of 10)
Will You Be Counted
Jerry Vines
Numbers 20

We're not dealing in depth with every verse, but we're trying to give you the essence of the message of the book of Numbers which gives you the account of the children of Israel in their 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. The book of Numbers is an illustration to us of the Christian life of defeat, a life lived not claiming the blessings of the Lord, not living in Canaan land, but a life lived in the defeat of being out of the will of God, a carnal Christian life.
We're coming this evening to a subject which I have entitled "Don't Strike the Rock." It is a fascinating account. What you have between chapters 19 and 20 is a gap. In that gap you have that 40 years wilderness wandering. God is getting ready to take the new generation into the land of Promise. They came to Kadesh which was on the edge of the Promised Land. They turned away in unbelief. They are back at that place now.
Life has its unexpected challenges. Life has its unpredictables. As you live through the journey of life, you don't always know what's coming. Sometimes when things come, they come in clusters. I said to you some weeks ago that problems are like bananas, they come in bunches.
Moses is experiencing some of these difficulties. The book of Numbers does not go into a great deal of detail about the wandering of the children of Israel in these 40 years. They are out of the will of God. There's not a lot to tell.
When you get out of the will of God, your life really loses a great deal of its importance. A Christian out of the will of God wastes his life to a great extent. What's there to tell? So many cars that you have bought. So many houses you built. So many parties you attended. There's not a great deal to tell out of the will of God. It is only as we are in the will of God that our life takes on significance and really has something about which to speak.
There's ...

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