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Blow Those Silver Trumpets! (2 of 10)
Will You Be Counted
Jerry Vines
Numbers 10

We are doing a survey study of the book of Numbers. Obviously, we would not do a verse-by-verse study because as you read it, you will find a number of listings of names.

As we opened up our study of the book of Numbers we discovered that it derives its name from the two numberings of the children of Israel. In the opening chapters there is a numbering of the old generation, and then toward the conclusion of the book of Numbers there is a numbering of the new generation.

What we have in the book of Numbers is the story of the children of Israel who had been promised the land of Canaan. Then right in the middle of their beginning to move to claim their inheritance, tragedy struck and they went right up to Kadesh Barnea and could have gone right on into the Promised Land but chose to turn and to go away. That began those 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.

The reason we are studying this Old Testament book is because the things which are written in the Old Testament, we are told, are written for our learning so that we can learn the spiritual lessons. What the wilderness was to Israel physically, this old world is to you and me spiritually. That's why we're studying it and those are the lessons.

We're going to have to pick up from some previous studies, and I'll hit the high spots of that; but we're moving toward the tenth chapter which is the exciting chapter which tells about the silver trumpets that were used to signal messages to the children of Israel about their journeying and other things. We're going to go back to chapter 5, and then we're going to move forward to this tenth chapter talking about these silver trumpets.

In the opening four chapters of the book of Numbers we have a counting. He counts the heads of the tribes of the children of Israel and those who could go forth to war, those who were able to battle. Then when you com ...

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