MOVING ON! (1 OF 10)

by Jerry Vines

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Moving On! (1 of 10)
Series: Will You Be Counted
Jerry Vines
Numbers 1-9

Our English version gives the title to this book the name or the word Numbers. It is taken from the Greek version of the Old Testament. There was a Greek version called the Septuagint. The Greek name for this book was Arithmoi from which we get the word arithmetic which means numbers.

This name is assigned to this particular book because there are two numberings of the Children of Israel in this book. There is a numbering, a counting of them, in these opening chapters and then toward the end of the book of Numbers there is another numbering. The first numbering is done in the second year after they have come out of the land of Egypt. It is a numbering of the old generation of the Israelites. The second numbering is the numbering of the new generation, the generation that would go into the land of Canaan, the land of Promise, which God had given to them.

You have the first numbering, the old generation, and you have the second numbering. Between the first numbering and the second numbering you have the account of how the Children of Israel organized themselves together, prepared themselves, and equipped themselves to go into the land of Promise and take it. But along the way, tragedy stuck. What was only an 11-day journey turned into a 40-year period of wretched wandering.

One of our ladies sent me something this past week. When she heard I was going to go through the book of Numbers, she said, "My granddaughter, who is now 13, was given a Precious Moments Bible for her fourth birthday. She wanted us to read it and I just opened it and started reading. She sat and listened very intently for a 4-year-old." Then my son said, "Mom, what are you reading from?" I said, "Numbers." My granddaughter said, "That's what Daddy reads, only he reads words."

You're going to have a lot of numbers and names in this book. The truth of the matter is they won't mean ...

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