by Jerry Vines

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Job Description for a Pastor (15 of 16)
Series: There's Hope
Jerry Vines
1 Peter 5:1-4

This morning I'm going to speak to you on the ''Job Description for a Pastor.'' It is given to us in I Peter 5 and the first four verses.

These verses compose what might be called a job description for a pastor. Every born again child of God needs to be in a local church, and every Christian needs to have a pastor. It is God's plan and God's intention that every Christian have someone of whom they can say, ''This is my pastor.''

Simon Peter was a pastor. He is the human author of the book of I Peter. He had a second book, and we're probably going to move right on into that after we finished these verse-by-verse studies in the first one. But he had been called of God to be a pastor. He was a fisherman, and then the Lord Jesus called him to be a disciple and he became a pastor. He is sharing a job description for his own responsibility.

I'm aware of the fact that I am also talking in some sense to myself because these words of a job description apply to me. I was saved at the age of 9. I was called to preach at the age of 16, and I became a pastor at the age of 18. For all of these years now I have been a pastor. These verses here and some other passages in the Bible that deal with it have been my guidelines through the years as I have tried to be a preacher.

What would be your job description? If you were just sitting down and writing out a job description for a pastor, what would you expect your pastor to be? There are a lot of caricatures out there for the pastor. There are some misconceptions for what a pastor is suppose to be and what his role is and what his requirements are and what the standards are for a pastor.

These are very strong verses of scripture, and they lay before us the great responsibility of what it means to be a pastor. I've never taken my responsibility lightly. Let's look at a couple of verses which show us how important the role is. J ...

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