by Jerry Vines

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The Salvation Spectacular (3 of 16)
There's Hope
Jerry Vines
I Peter 1:10-12

I want to talk with you about what I call "The Salvation Spectacular." We all love a spectacular. Perhaps many of you saw the Olympics opening ceremonies. It was a spectacular. It cost over $25 million to put it on. There were about 2,000 professional athletes and about 5,000 volunteers. Over 70,000 people were in the stadium.

They constructed a replica of the Aegean Sea in the stadium. It was 25 feet deep. It started off with a little boy sailing across the sea, and then it turned to a technological, theatrical spectacular depicting Greek civilization and Greek mythology and the contribution of the Greek culture to world culture. It was a spectacular. I'm going to talk with you this morning about the salvation spectacular which made that spectacular look like a tea party at a kindergarten.

We always have the Super Bowl spectacular. It was more spectacular last year than a lot of people wanted it to be! In fact, I got a letter from Paul Tagliabue. I'm making this public right now. He says, "I guarantee you that you will not find the half time of Super Bowl XXXIX next February to be tasteless or over the line." We're going to have a Super Bowl spectacular. It's going to be a family friendly spectacular but it's going to be a spectacular. But, however spectacular the Super Bowl is going to be, I want to tell you that it is like a square dance at a rest home compared to the salvation spectacular that I'm going to speak on this morning.

In I Corinthians 4, verse 9, the Bible says something to the effect that the apostles in Paul's day were a spectacle unto the world and to men and to angels. The word spectacle is where we get our word spectacular and where we get our word spectacles. The Greek word is the word theatron from which we get the word theater which means something seen. The statement there is that God is working out a spectacular which ...

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