by Jerry Vines

The Prayer of Jabez
New Year's Eve
Jerry Vines
I Chronicles 4:9-10

I want to give you a message for the last service of the year as we move to the end of the year through 2005. Has it seemed to you that 2004 went by fast? Just like that and it's gone. I want to give you a study tonight which I think will be an encouragement to you from I Chronicles 4, verses 9 and 10.

I hope you are making some resolutions for the coming year and among those resolutions I hope that you are making a resolution to have a daily Bible study time, a time where you read God's Word and let God speak to you and a time when you pray and you speak to God. If you will read three chapters in the Old Testament every day and two chapters in the New Testament, you can all the way through the Old Testament and all the way through the New Testament next year.

If you have ever read through your Bible, and particularly the Old Testament, you know that one of the hurdles you face is those lists of names that you encounter along the way. When you get to I Chronicles you will encounter nine entire chapters of names, most of which I can't even pronounce.

What I have recommended our people do here through the years is not worry too much about how to pronounce these names. When you get to one that you can't pronounce, just say, "Bubba" and move on. But for about nine chapters there's a lot of Bubba's in I Chronicles. It's kind of a hurdle but don't worry about it.

The question comes up, "Why do we have all of these lists of names in the Bible?" There are several reasons, but one of the reasons why is because people are important to God and because God knows you by name.

Jesus said in John 10, verse 3, "And calleth his own sheep by name." He knows your name. You are important to Him. You are special to Him.

But as you are plowing through this list of names, these nine chapters, the Lord just kind of drops a little diamond right in the midst of all of ...

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