by Jerry Vines

Put into the Ministry
Ordination Service 2005
Jerry Vines
I Timothy 1:12

This is a great time to renew our commitments to the Lord and to get busy doing again what God has called us to do. I got off to a great start last night, our visitation night. I went by and got a bite to eat on the way visiting; and I saw two of our finest, most faithful, committed couples here in the church and we had a little fellowship together and then I had my visitation cards and I went visiting. I had the opportunity to lead a man and his wife in their 70's to the Lord Jesus Christ last night. Talk about a great way to start the year! It's got my motor cranking. I'm really stirred up about it.

Let's commit ourselves to win people to the Lord and get people saved. That's what it's all about. Then, of course, when they are won to the Lord, then we want to help them grow in the Lord. In the process of that growth in the Lord there are many, many of our fellowship here who have been and who are being called in the ministry.

That's what I want to talk about with you a little bit tonight. There have been literally hundreds and hundreds of people who have been called into the ministry through the fellowship of the First Baptist Church here in Jacksonville. They are literally all over America, and they are literally all over the world on foreign fields, serving the Lord Jesus Christ in the ministry where God has placed them.

Paul specifically addresses the matter of the ministry in I Timothy 1, verse 12. He says, "And I thank Christ Jesus, our Lord, who hath enabled me, in that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry."

I want to focus just briefly on the three phrases Paul uses in these verses of scripture. He is overwhelmed at the thought that God put him into the ministry. Actually, in this context here, he is sharing his testimony. Paul never tired of telling what Jesus had done for him.

I don't know about you but what Jesus has don ...

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