by Jerry Vines

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The Theology of Christmas (1 of 4)
Series: Christmas
Jerry Vines
Galatians 4:4-5

All of these activities we have in the month of December are intended to focus our attention on Christmas, the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the responsibility of all of the music and all these other activities to help us keep our focus on Christmas and not get it on the peripheral matters, the secondary matters, but on the birth of our Lord.

My responsibility in the month of Christmas is to be sure you understand what Christmas really means. I will be bringing several messages on Christmas and the meaning of Christmas. Tonight I want to give you a lecture on the theology of Christmas.

We have a number of our young people who have gone off to theology school. When I first came here almost 23 years ago now, one of our young men said, ''When you preach it's like sitting in a classroom. It's like a professor lecturing.'' That's good and bad I guess. But if the teacher does their job well, it will be interesting; and if a teacher does their job well, then the people will grasp the material. It's not a compliment to a teacher if they teach the material and the people don't get it.

I did teach school. I have great admiration and respect for teachers, whether they are elementary or high school or on the college or graduate level. It is not a compliment to a teacher if the students don't get it, if they flunk it. I always felt that if the majority of my students failed the test, then the chances are I had failed to communicate the material.

In many senses of the word I am a teacher. Tonight I've got a classroom lectern here instead of our normal pulpit. I'm going to put you in a theology class tonight. I'm going to take you into some deep water for a little while.

I wouldn't dare do this on Sunday morning. You are the Bible students of our fellowship. Of course, there are others who can't be here on Wednesday nights. There are some people who come on a Sunday mo ...

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