by Rex Yancey

A Winning Witness
Rex Yancey
John 1:42

A young man went to his priest to confess that he had lost his religion. He said from his little booth, "Father, forgive me, for I kissed a pretty girl." "How many times did you kiss this pretty girl, my son?" "Father, I came here to confess, not to brag!"

Some of us need to confess this morning that we are not very good witnesses. However, the Bible says that we are witnesses. We may be good, bad, or indifferent witnesses, but the fact remains we are witnesses.

When we think of witnessing we think of evangelism. What is evangelism? William F. Hall says, "that evangelism is the sob of God. It is the anguished cry of Jesus as he weeps over the city of Jerusalem. It is the cry of Paul, "I wish myself accursed for my brethren, my kinsmen in the flesh." It is the heart ringing plea of Moses, "Oh, this people have sinned, yet now if thou will forgive their sin, if not I pray thee blot me out of the book which thou hast written." It is the cry of John Knox, "Give me Scotland, or I die!" It is the declaration of John Wesley, "The world is my parish." It is the prayer of Billy Sunday, "Make me a giant for God!" It is the secret of a great church. It is the secret of a great preacher. It is the secret of a great Christian.

In a monastery in Germany there was a young man who lived in mortal fear of having to conduct the chapel services. He approached the Prefect of the monastery and said, "Sir, I am willing to do any menial job that I am assigned. I am willing to wax the floors, scour the pots and pans, polish the silver, or weed the garden, but please never ask me to conduct chapel and preach the sermon. I just can't handle that!"

The Prefect knew that was what the student needed and assigned that task to him for the next day. As he stood before his peers the young man said, "Brothers, do you know what I am going to say?" They shook their heads in the negative. He said, "Neither do I, ...

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