by Robert Walker

A Shepherd's Song for Stressful Times
Robert Walker
Psalm 23

Philip Crosby, in his book March Till They Die, gives an account of a forced march which American and European soldiers who had been captured, and became prisoners of war, had to endure in Korea.

It was November of 1950, and the North Koreans were being pushed north. As they went, they forced the American and European prisoners to go with them. It was a terrible march. They were driven as far as twenty miles a day at times, though it was cold and they were emaciated, hungry, suffering.

When prisoners who couldn't keep up would fall back, shots would ring out. They were executed on the spot. Crosby and several other Christians would pass close to the GI's who were having a hard time keeping up. They would say slowly in a whisper, so as not to be heard, "God is near us in this dark hour.

His love is real. His mercy is real. His forgiveness is real. His reward is waiting for us." If it had not been for that hope, many more would have died. They were literally marching through the valley of the shadow of death, but they were trusting in the Great Shepherd to lead them through it.

I suppose the best known passage in the Bible is Psalm 23. Millions of people can quote some or all of this Psalm. Many who are wicked and live in sin can quote this Psalm.

If you mention the Bible to a drunken man, he may start to quote Psalm 23. Good people know it, godly people know it, children know it, the aged know it, but with all the memorizing of it, I wonder if we really know it?

We may know it in our heads, but do we know it in our hearts? People do not quote Psalm 22 or Psalm 24, but they seem to be familiar with Psalm 23.


And actor one time before a company of people quoted the Twenty-third Psalm with expression, eloquence, feeling and action. The people clapped and applauded. And old preacher was asked to quote the Psalm and when he quoted it no on clap ...

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