by Stan Coffey

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The Devotion of the Cross (4 of 5)
Series: The Cross
Stan Coffey
Matthew 26:1-2

Today we are looking at a lesson entitled "The Devotion Of The Cross". I don't know anything more inspirational than the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul said, "I determine to know nothing among you say Jesus Christ and Him crucified." The cross is a central message of all the Bible. And we have traced from the birth of Jesus through the Book of Matthew His life. And we have seen Him with His face focused in one direction, from the time of His birth until the chapter where we find our selves today, He is focused toward the cross, because that is the reason that He came into the world.

Jesus has given prophecy about the time He is going to come again. And having given that encouragement to the disciples as well as that admonishment to them, that we should be ready for His second coming, He now begins to remind them about His central purpose for coming into this world.

Now even though Jesus again and again and again had tried to prepare the disciples for the cross, it seems that they were not prepared. It was something they had difficulty dealing with. They would have to give up their Master; they would have to give up the one they had followed. The one that believed was the Messiah would be put on a cross and tortured and crucified like a common criminal. Jesus said, "As you know the Passover is two days away and the Son of Man will be handed over to be crucified."


Now, notice number one, the time of the crucifixion is announced. He said it is going to be during the season of the Passover. This is in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. I want you to consider first of all under the time of the crucifixion there is the feast of the Passover. The feast of the Passover was given to Israel by Moses. When they were in bondage on the night that before they were to be delivered out of the hand of Pharaoh, do you remember the ...

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