by Stan Coffey

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Is There any Hope? (8 of 8)
Series: Easter
Stan Coffey
Matthew 28:1-6; I Peter 1:3

I want you to take God’s Word and turn to Matthew 28. I want to speak on the subject today, ‘‘Is There Any Hope?’’ We have the record of the women going to the tomb on that first Easter.

Can you imagine if that would have happened to you or to me if we would have been guarding that tomb and all of a sudden the grave opened and an angel of God descended? No wonder they fell as dead men. God has given us a living hope.

During World War II a Nazi war ship torpedoed the United States submarine and immediately a distress signal was sent out by the sub. When they arrived at the place where the torpedo had struck the United States submarine, all they found was debris and an oil slick on top of the water. So, immediately divers were sent down to see whether there would be any survivors on that day.

And as the divers went down, they found the sunken sub and they went around it on all sides. They took out their knives and they began to tap on the side of that submarine, hoping that survivors inside would tap back. Sure enough as they listened soon those on the inside began to tap back in response. And as they tapped the divers listened and they heard this message sent to them in Morris Code by that tapping - ‘‘is there any hope?’’

In that sunken sub these men who thought they were in a watery grave said is there any hope? And I believe that is what our world is asking. I believe that we are living in a world that has been torpedoed by the enemy, Satan. We live in a world that has sunken to the bottom morally and spiritually and sociologically. We live in an age and in a society where sin and humanism and abortion and all the social evils that we face in our land have brought our society to its lowest depths. We live in an age where people’s lives have been torpedoed by sin. And they lie on the bottom in the depths of an ocean of despair.

And the question people are aski ...

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