by Stan Coffey

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There is Hope for Life Beyond (7 of 8)
Series: Easter
Stan Coffey
Matthew 27:62-66; 28:1-7

If you have your Bible, this morning I am reading from Matthew 27:62 as we speak on ‘‘There Is Hope For Life Beyond’’.

Now I don’t know if you see the humor in this passage or not but you know I think God does. As the chief priests come to Pontius Pilate and they were discussing with him how to make this grave secure. They are trying to keep back the sovereign will and sovereign act of the God who spoke the universe into being, the God who decreed that Jesus would rise from the dead on the third day.

And they are trying to keep this mighty God who created the world from nothing, the God who said let there be light and there was light. And they are saying by putting a few guards around the door and by putting a huge stone that weighs a couple of tons over the door and by putting the seal of the Roman Empire there, they are going to somehow thwart the plan of a sovereign and Almighty God.

I can imagine God in heaven and the angelic host must have had a good time smiling and laughing at all the machinations of these little Roman soldiers running around trying to guard this tomb and sealing it up. And straining to roll that big old rock in front of the door and trying to hold back the plan of God. Can’t you just imagine how humorous this was to the God who created the power of the atom, the God who flung the stars into space, to watch puny men trying to hold back His plan to raise His Son from the dead?

No, no way, instead God sends the mighty earthquake angel, there is violent earthquake and the stone is rolled away. And a light as bright as lightning shines forth. The guards are as dead. And Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. The stone is not rolled away to let Jesus out, it is rolled away to let the world in to see because Jesus had already gone. He had risen from the grave. And I like what the Scripture says, ‘‘Just as He said.’’

Every time I go to ...

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