by Stan Coffey

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Jesus Is the Resurrection and the Life (4 of 8)
Series: Easter
Stan Coffey
John 11:25

Jesus in the gospel of John seven times used the words ‘‘I Am’’ to define who He was and to define what He came to do. We have looked at some of these before where Jesus said ‘‘I am the bread of life’’ and when Jesus said, ‘‘I am the good shepherd who grivet His life for His sheep’’.

Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life and the context of this passage is very important because it is the last miracle Jesus performed before going to the cross. It was the miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead. And ladies and gentlemen if you have lost a loved one, if you have ever gone to a graveyard and you had to lower the body of loved one into a grave and leave it there beneath the sod, you understand the sorrow, you understand the hurt, you understand the feeling of absolute helplessness that you face when you confront death.

So in His last miracle Jesus Christ defines who He was and He defined what He came to do when He raised Lazarus from the dead. Lazarus, His friend, had been dead four days and Jesus stood before that tomb of Lazarus and He commanded the one who had been dead saying Lazarus come fourth. And the Bible says he who had been dead four days came fourth, bound hand and foot in the grave clothes.’’ And Jesus said loose him and let him go.

Jesus confronted death. Jesus challenged death and Jesus conquered death. And He showed us in that miracle what would happen to every person who believes upon Him, that just as Lazarus came forth from the dead, those who believe upon Him would have eternal life and we would come forth from the dead as well.

Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life. And I suppose that passage of Scripture is used at the grave side service of more people by ministers than any other passage of Scripture. I am the resurrection and the life. The resurrection and the life is not a religion, it is not a church, it is not a ritual, the ...

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