by Steve Wagers

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Don't Mistreat Your Best Friend! (1 of 3)
Series: The Believer's Power Pack!
Steve N. Wagers
Acts 1: 8; Acts 7: 51; Eph. 4: 30; 1 Thess. 5: 19; Rev. 2: 5
January 26, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. The Power of the Spirit we can Receive!
A. At Salvation!
B. For Service!
2. The Purpose of the Spirit we can Resist!
A. His Abode in our Lives!
B. His Authority over our Lives!
3. The Person of the Spirit we can Rebuke!
A. By Hurting Him Deeply!
B. By Hindering Him Divinely!
4. The Presence of the Spirit we can Remove!
A. The Ministry of the Church is Diminished!
B. The Mission of the Church is Depleted!
C. The Might of the Church is Destroyed!

- After his parents both passed away in a tragic accident, when he was 15, Jack learned to work hard. He entered the army, fought in WWII, married and lived very modestly, often struggling to make ends meet.

- Late in life, Jack, then in his mid-80's, received a call from his hometown bank. They were updating their system and wanted to know if Jack wanted to move his money into a different bank account.

- Befuddled, Jack said, "I didn't know I had an account with you." The banker replied, "Oh yes, Jack, you do; and, it's got $3 million in it." However, Jack didn't even know that he had it.

- A tourist traveled to the world-famous Niagra Falls. He had seen all of the sights, and had studied all of the features of the Falls, and was absolutely amazed that all of that energy could be harnessed from one source.

- His guide proceeded to take him to the source of energy, the breaker room. As he peered over all of the boxes, cables and wires in that breaker room, the guide said, "Sir, this is the most unused power in the world." The tourist, a Christian, thought for a moment and said, "No sir, the most unused power in the world is the Holy Spirit."

- Tragically, most the average Christian's concept of the Holy Spirit is so vague that it is almost non-existent. There are many denomination ...

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