by Jeff Ginn

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Wall-to-Wall Worship (9 of 10)
Series: From Ruin to Renewal
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Nehemiah 12
November 9, 2003

a. Lady from country. Wandered into a high brow church. Preacher began. She said, "Amen." He went on and she said, "Praise the Lord." One of the deacons went to her and tried to quiet her. "Hallelujah." The head usher came over and asked what she was doing. "I got the Spirit." "Well," he said, "you sure didn't get it here."
b. Do we get it here?
c. We have followed Nehemiah and his people through the process of rebuilding the wall and repopulating the city of Jerusalem.
d. Once these tasks are done, they take time to worship the Lord for His enabling power. In 6:16 it reads, ". . . this work had been done with the help of our God."
e. The word is celebrate!

a. Priority of cleansing
i. Before they marched, sang or gave offerings, they cleansed themselves. Organized an orchestra or sang a song or preached the first point of the sermon, they cleansed themselves.
ii. You don't set your table with dirty dishes do you? If you do, don't invite me over to dinner! (Ray Stedman). No, if you are going to eat, you want a clean plate and if guests are coming you will really work to spruce up the house.
iii. When we worship we are to serve it up on clean platters.
iv. Yesterday I went with a group of our men to work in a couple of yards. Being the thoughtful fellow that I am I stopped to pick up a dozen donuts for them. After we had worked I went to get the donuts. Opened the box and a fly was in the box, groggy from sugar overload!
b. Process of cleansing
i. They started with themselves, moved to the people, then the walls and gates.
ii. You can't worry about someone else's sin until your own is dealt with!
iii. Matthew 7:3-5A man went to see his doctor in an acute state of anxiety. "Doctor," he said, "you have to help me. I'm dying. Everywhere I touch it hurts. ...

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