by Rex Yancey

The Need for Deacons
Rex Yancey
Acts 6:1-7

I want to begin this message tonight the way one preacher did. He said, "Tonight before I preach allow me to say something." I hope he said something during his preaching, as well. Amen! After 39 years in ministry I can honestly say I never had a deacon I didn't like. However, I have had a few close calls! I certainly had deacons that did not have a clue as to what a deacon should be other than a decision maker, or board member.

Deacons came about in the New Testament because of necessity. The Apostles ran into three major problems as Christianity began to grow and spread.

The first problem was persecution. The Jews were not fond of a new religion that claimed to fulfill their own prophisies. The Romans held this new religion suspect and persecuted its followers. One thing this persecution did was to scatter the Christians. The temptation was to stay in one place and enjoy good fellowship.

The second problem was propagation. They were charged to go into the entire world and preach the gospel. How would they do this? Think of the personnel, organization, and finances that would be needed to pull this off.

The third problem was proximity. These Christians were brought together from every walk of life. They may have been together on the day of Pentecost. However, later, they were neither in one or accord nor in one place.

The first and last problem became so great that the disciples could not carry out the second problem effectively. The Apostles called the membership together to delegate this ministry, relieving the tension, and thus fulfilling the task.

A New Testament deacon is a servant. The word actually means "Through the dust." So I want to charge you tonight by using the word "Deacon" as an acrostic.


-"To set apart for some purpose." This presupposes a salvation experience. I have witnessed deacons who got saved after the ...

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