by Stan Coffey

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The Founder of the Church (1 of 6)
Series: The Church
Stan Coffey
Matthew 16:13-19

This morning I want to invite our attention to the Matthew 16 as we begin a series of messages on the church. Today we are going to talk about ''The Founder of the Church''. And next week we will be looking at ''The Faith of the Church'' or ''The Fundamentals of the Church''. I am excited to be a part of a New Testament church. I have been in the church all most all of my life. I was saved when I was six years of age in a Southern Baptist Church and baptized and became a part of that fellowship.

And ever since then the church has been the center of my life. That is where I met my wife. And that is where I found God's will for my life, God's direction for my life. That is where I found the foundation for my life. So I believe in the church. As I said last time there are those who say the church is going down but the Bible says the church is going up. And the Bible teaches us that we are a victorious church. And what a blessing it is to study about that.

I want us to think today about the founder of the church. Jesus Christ is the founder. He said, ''Upon this rock I will build my church.'' And Satan does everything he can to fight the New Testament idea and the New Testament doctrine of the church because he knows that a spirit filled church is a mighty weapon in the hand of God, and a mighty instrument in getting out the message of the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. So the devil would have us minimize the importance of our church. And the devil would have us overlook the importance of our faith. And the devil would have us not think the church is very important or very relevant in today's life. And Satan would do anything he could to destroy the credibility and the work of the church.

Now the church is not to be a snooty, spiritual, religious club. The church is not to be some kind of a political action group. The church is not to be a waiting room for the next bus to h ...

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