by Ken Trivette

He Came to Me
Ken Trivette
Psalm 40:1-5


1. A Grievous Condition

A) The Guilt of Sin
B) The Grip of Sin

2. A Gracious Condescension

A) A Descent into the Pit
B) A Deliverance from the Pit

3. A Glorious Change

A) Infinite Blessings
B) Innumerable Blessings

What is Christmas all about? In our day and time it would be hard for someone to find the answer. If you had never heard of Christmas, you would think it was nothing more than a season to buy and exchange gifts. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, the typical American adult will spend around $800 on Christmas. ''That's everything; gifts, decorations, greeting cards, candy, food, flowers, and what people spend on themselves,'' said a spokesman.

You could do like one lady who decided that she would save time shopping, so she decided she would send everyone money. She mailed out cards that read, ''Merry Christmas. Buy your own gift.'' She was a little miffed that she never received so much as a thank you from anyone, until a couple of months later she was cleaning off her desk and found a stack of checks she had forgot to enclose in the cards.

What is Christmas all about? Let me sum it up in three words: HE CAME TO ME. It is about God giving His Son. It is about the Lord Jesus coming to this earth. I once came across a poem entitled, ''Mary had the Little Lamb:''

Mary had the little Lamb, who lived before His birth;
Self-existent Son of God, from Heaven He came to Earth.

Mary had the little Lamb; see Him in yonder stall --
Virgin-born Son of God, to save man from the Fall.

Mary had the little Lamb, obedient Son of God;
Everywhere the Father led, His feet were sure to trod.

Mary had the little Lamb, crucified on the tree
The rejected Son of God, He died to set men free.

Mary had the little Lamb--men placed Him in the grave,
Thinking they were done with Him; to death He was no slave!

Mary had the little Lamb, ascended now is ...

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