by Ed Rowell

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I Can See Clearly Now (6 of 7)
Ed Rowell
Acts 11:19-30

Need a break from talking about the Pharisees

A family talk

About 9: 10 a.m. on December 11, 1990, a heavy fog suddenly blanketed 1-75 near Calhoun, Tennessee along the stretch that passes over the Hiawassee River. In the fog, a tractor-trailer in the southbound lanes struck the rear of another semi that had slowed because of fog.
The uninjured truck drivers exited their vehicles and attempted to check for damage. After the initial collision, an automobile struck the rear of the second truck and was in turn struck in the rear by another tractor-trailer. Fire ensued and consumed two trucks and the automobile. Before it was over, 99 vehicles in the northbound and southbound lanes were in multiple-vehicle chain-reaction collisions that killed 12 people and injured 42 others.
That accident prompted the design and implementation of a fog detection and warning system on Interstate 75 in southeastern Tennessee. That system has worked. There hasn't been a fatality because of fog on that stretch of road since.

Our highways aren't the only places we encounter fog. Anytime people meet regularly, we can start to forget why it is that we meet. We need to be reminded of why we exist and where we are going. When our reason for being gets foggy, things slow to a crawl. There are accidents, even casualties.

So every once in a while, I want to activate the fog detection and warning system at Tri-Lakes Chapel and say, "let's remember what we're about."

This morning I want to look at Acts 11:19-30. I love to read about the early church in Acts, and I guess if I had to choose, I would have wanted to be part of the church at Antioch. Antioch was an influential city off the northeast coast of the Mediterranean. Population one half million, it was the third largest city in the Roman Empire. Even in the 1st century, its main street was lighted at night. It was known throughout the Roman Empire as ...

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