by Ed Rowell

Changing Inside: Remodeling the Family Room
Ed Rowel
2 Samuel 7:1
April 25, 2004

Mention last week

Story of the workers who came to install the tile: "I found the sign, but there's not a church anywhere around here." Another last week who came in the office and asked, "Is this the Door and Window place? Which raises the question:

What is a church? According to the Bible, the church is:
• The Bride of Christ.
• The Family of God.
• The Citizens of Heaven.
• The Children of Light.
• The Heirs of God's Grace and Glory

None of these definitions have anything to do with a building, do they? I was once a guest speaker in a church that had over a million dollars worth of stained glass windows. I spoke to churches in Kyrgyzstan that met in an old deserted school and another that met in an abandoned concrete bunker. There are places in this world where God's people meet in tin sheds, in cinder-block buildings, or have no building whatsoever, but meet under a tree, or next to a river. In all those places, God's Word is being taught. And vibrant worship, life-change, and God's Kingdom is expanded in the most unlikely of facilities. So does a building even matter?

What is a Church Building?
• A tool--In a very real sense, the building is merely a place for the real church--the people of God--to carry out their biblical function. You can certainly be the church without a building, but if you have one, it can be a great tool. The question is, is it the right tool? Is it the best tool for the job God has called us to?
• A statement about who we are. You chose your own house based on two factors: what you could afford, and what you liked. Your home is decorated in a way that says something about you. I can tell by walking in your home if you are a hunter, a music lover, an art collector, or a person who loves to cook. Having been in many of your homes I know most of you love beautiful things. You appreciate the finer things of life. The question ...

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