by Stan Coffey

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The State of the Church (2 of 3)
Series: Promised Land 2005
Stan Coffey
Joshua 2:8-11

This morning I would like for you to turn to the Book of Joshua 2. Today’s message is different than many of the messages that we share because this is “The State of the Church” message. You know that the President of the United States, once a year, in the early part of the year, usually in February, gives what he calls the State of the Union Address to Congress. Normally it is broadcast on major networks throughout the nation, as he talks about the state of the union, the condition of the economy. He talks about the challenges that America faces for the New Year. He talks about the goals that have been accomplished and goals yet to be accomplished. So today I want to talk about the state of the church. And try to do something similar only apply it to the church, the body of the church here at Quail Creek.

In Joshua 2 we find Joshua doing what any good general would do. And that is, before he goes into battle, before he comes against the city of Jericho with his army, Joshua sends out recognise. And you know any good general would not go to battle unless he had assessed the strength of the enemy. So he sent two spies into the city of Jericho to spy out the enemy, to see what strengths they had, to assess the enemy and to see what they would need to do to win the battle that was surely coming.

Now when the two spies got in to the city of Jericho, of course, it was very difficult for these two spies to go unnoticed because they were different than any body else. These two spies were men of Israel and they were going among the Canaanites. So they needed a place to hide because they were inside the city for some time. And there was in this city a woman named Rahab. Rahab was a lady of the evening; she was a call girl, a prostitute. And Rahab had heard of the children of Israel. She had heard of the mighty acts of God through them. She had heard they were ...

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