by Steve Wagers

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Rahab: A Faith That Shelters! (10 of 11)
Series: Faith Factor
Steve N. Wagers
Hebrews 11:31

Sermon Outline
1. The Life she Lived!
A. A Corrupt Life!
B. A Condemned Life!
2. The Lord she Loved!
A. The Word that She Received!
B. The Lord that She Believed!
3. The Legacy she Left!
A. The Proof of her Faith!
B. The Prize of her Faith!

o The story of Rahab is one of the most thrilling testimonies of the grace of God in all of scripture. Francis Dixon sums up Rahab's life by saying that "God took her from the House of Shame to the Hall of Fame!"

o Someone has also said, "She had been taken from the dunghill and placed among the saints, the elect people of God."

o The name Rahab is the Hebrew name "Zonar." The word means, "hostess or innkeeper." It is indeed a fitting name to speak of the important, yet unique role that she played in the scriptures.

o I love the song "Saved, Saved" written by J. P. Schofield. The first stanza says:

"I've found a friend, who is all to me,
His love is ever true
I love to tell how He lifted me,
And, what His grace can do for you.

Saved, by His power divine,
Saved, to new life sublime.
Life now is sweet, and my joy is complete
For, I'm saved, saved, saved!"

o There is no doubt in my mind that had that hymn been written in Rahab's day, it would have been one of her personal favorites. For, her life depicts salvation by faith as great as any other account in scripture. As we examine her faith-life we are drawn to notice 3 things. First, I see:

1. The LIFE She LIVED!

o In order to fully understand, and appreciate what God did for Rahab, we must take a stroll down memory lane to see the life that she once lived. It was not a glamorous life by any means, and the scripture tells us that it was:


o In Joshua 2: 1 we are first introduced to Rahab. We are told that she was a "harlot." In modern vernacular, she would be known as a prostitute, or a woman of th ...

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