by Steve Wagers

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Jacob: A Faith That Strengthens! (6 of 11)
Series: Faith Factor
Steve N. Wagers
Hebrews 11:21

Sermon Outline
1. Jacob's Character!
A. His Defrauding of Esau!
B. His Deception of Isaac!
C. His Despising of God!
2. Jacob's Conflict!
A. The Exchange that Confronted Him!
B. The Encounter that Changed Him!
3. Jacob's Compliment!
A. God's Progress with Jacob!
B. God's Purpose for Jacob!

• A man stretched a tightrope across Niagara Falls and pushed a wheelbarrow across it. Next, he filled the wheelbarrow with 200 lbs. of cement and pushed it across. The onlookers were astounded. Then, the tightrope walker asked the crowd, "How many of you believe I could do this with a man in the wheelbarrow?" The hands flew into the air. He pointed to a man who had his hand up and he said, "All right sir. You get in first." However, you couldn't see the man for the trail of dust he left behind.

• It is one thing to profess faith, it is quite another thing to possess faith, produce faith and practice faith. Faith is not only a head issue, or a heart issue, but a hand issue. In other words, true Bible faith is active, not passive.

• I believe that one of the greatest progressions of faith in the Bible is revealed in the life of Jacob. He is, without question, one of the most mysterious of all the patriarchs. He is a man whom God changed dramatically. Not only did God change his family, his fortune, and his future; but, God changed his faith.

• A. W. Pink comments that there are at least 8 interesting contrasts in the life of Jacob.

• He went out young; he came back old.
• He went out single; he came back married.
• He went out poor; he came back rich.
• He went out healthy; he came back lame.
• He went out with an old name; he came back with a new name.
• He went out alienated; he came back reconciled to his brother.
• He went out with his mother alive; he came back with his mother dead.
• He went out walking from God; he came back wal ...

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