by Steve Wagers

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Enoch: A Faith that Sustains! (2 of 11)
Series: Faith Factor
Steve N. Wagers
Hebrews 11:5

Sermon Outline
1. A Man Familiar with God!
A. The Direction of His Walk with God!
B. The Duration of His Walk with God!
2. A Man Favored by God!
A. How He Lived in This World!
B. How He Left from This World!
3. A Man Faithful to God!
A. His Faithfulness Revealed!
B. His Faithfulness Rewarded!

1. Surely one of the godliest, as well as, interesting characters who ever lived was a man named Enoch. He is one of the only two who lived before the flood, the other being Noah, of whom it is said that he "walked with God." He is also one of only two individuals who never died, the other being Elijah. Little is known about him, but the Bible reveals him to be exemplary among men and special to God.

2. A few years ago the Star Wars craze swept our country. In fact, recently the movie has been remade, and remembered, with all sorts of games, memorabilia and costumes. The movie centered around a man named Luke Skywalker.

3. In Hebrews 11: 5, we learn that long before there was ever a Luke Skywalker, there was Enoch Skywalker. Before Luke Skywalker ever dreamed of sailing past the stars and planets and visiting far off worlds, Enoch walked with God and one day took a trip past the moon and stars right into the very presence of God.

4. As we continue our journey through the Hall of Faith, we come to one of my own personal heroes. He is a man named Enoch. Little is known of him, but of what we do know, we know that he was a man familiar with God, favored by God and faithful to God. His faith demonstrates a faith that sustains.

1. A Man FAMILIAR with God!

1. The first time that Enoch is found is in Genesis 5. It is there where we learn that he was a man familiar with God. In other words, as I said earlier, he is only 1 of 2 men, before the flood, of whom it was said to have "walked with God."

2. More is said about Enoch in New Testame ...

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