by Daniel Rodgers

Duped and Deceived by a Disguise
Dan Rodgers
January 9, 2005
Joshua 9:3-15


1. Let's set the background for our story: Israel is moving
into the Promised Land, conquering their enemies as they go. They had just taken the city of Jericho, and after their initial defeat at Ai (because of the sin of Achan), they were finally able to take that city as well. In chapter 9, all the enemy kings had gathered themselves to fight against Joshua. There was only one smart group of people in the whole bunch--the Gibeonites, referred to in (vs. 9), as the Hivites. Instead if fighting Joshua, which they knew was a lost cause, they devised a plan to deceive Israel and make a peace treaty with them in order to save their hides.

2. The plan devised by the Gibeonites was to deceive Israel
into thinking that they had come from a far away land (evidenced by their worn out shoes and raged clothes), that they had heard of the fame of Israel and their God and had come to be their servants (vs. 9). Now, notice where Israel messed up: (vs. 14), "And the men took of their victuals and asked not counsel at the mouth of the Lord."

3. This morning I want to give you three things:

I. The Deception
II. The Disguise
III. The Decision

1. Note the first part of (vs. 4a), "They did work wilily."
The word wilily means deceitfully or with trickery. Two things:

A. God's people can be deceived

1. Keep in mind; we are talking about God's
people--the nation of Israel. We are talking about Joshua, a man of faith. Remember that he and Caleb were the only ones who had enough faith to trust God concerning the Promised Land. And yet, here, he and his leaders were deceived.

a. Listen, Satan is a Deceiver--he is the father of lies, and it is his ultimate goal to deceive us. His trickery goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden with the deception of Eve...thus, sin entered the world. Now I ask you, do you believe it's possibl ...

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