by Rex Yancey

What Happens When A Man Refuses To Stand
Rex Yancey
Ezekiel 22:30

Leo Durocher was the first base coach for the New York Yankees many years ago. The Yankees were playing the West Point Cadets. The Cadets were needling Durocher. "How did a little squirt like you make it into the major leagues?" Durocher said, "My congressman appointed me!"

God has appointed us to stand in the gap and make up the hedge for Him before the land. In a sense, this appeal can be used in the generic sense, men, women, and children. However, in this context, the appeal was to the men of the land.

In our text before us God declares that he knows their sins, 22:1-5. He lists their specific sins, 22:6-12. He promises judgment for their sins, 13-22. And, the total disintegration of society is portrayed. The guilty party was the princess and priests, the government officials and the false prophets. The people of the land were also indicted for these sins.

Can you see a parallel to the Western World at the beginning of this century? We live in an age of decadence, moral and spiritual decay, a loss of integrity, and violence. Disregard for the law of God led to a dramatic increase in crimes of violence so that Jerusalem was called the city of bloodshed. We had better be more concerned with the judgment of God today than we are the war on terror.

In ages past, God always looked for a solitary individual who would be willing to be used. He looked for Noah and Moses. He looked for Deborah and Daniel. He looked for Ezekiel and Nehemiah. And today, He looks for you and me.

When I first came to Pascagoula, I preached a series of messages on Nehemiah. I said as Nehemiah surveyed the situation, he must have said to himself, "Somebody needs to do something. I am somebody. I will do something!" One of our ladies took that as a message from God to get involved in politics. She ran for State Representative and won. She is now into her fourth term, and ...

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